Technical Director – Subiaco (NPL) AFC

It is with mixed emotions that I announce a change in Technical Directors at Subiaco (NPL) AFC. I am both sad about our loss, and delighted about our gain.

From (and before) the inception of the NPL in Western Australia, Kevin Grima has been the Technical Director at Subiaco (NPL) AFC. He was initially responsible for developing our curriculum, which today is comprised of multiple documents, with some 600 pages of FFA compliant guidelines, that ensure all of our coaches are ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’, and also ensures that all of our players can expect to receive a consistent and balanced education in football.

Over the last four years, Kevin has ensured that our curriculum has been implemented, by assisting, guiding and mentoring our coaches in the delivery of training and support. On occasion, Kevin has himself lead by example, and taken the (caretaker) role of coach with most of the Subiaco NPL teams.

It is worth noting that no other Western Australian NPL club has had a continuous relationship with their Technical Director for as long as Subiaco (NPL) AFC has had with Kevin. We are proud of that fact; it underpins one of the values we promote, longevity in relationships.

In 2016 and 2017 Kevin accompanied our travelling U15 NPL Squad on its Scandinavian Tour. On both of those tours, Kevin assisted the then current U15 NPL coach; in 2016 that was Rob Homer, and in 2017 that was Gareth Davies. In 2017, the 10th consecutive year that we have sent the U15s on the Scandinavian Tour, Subiaco (NPL) AFC won the Danish Cup No. 1, and came top in the initial group of the Gothia World Youth Cup. Those are both new records set for Subiaco (NPL) AFC. I am sure that both Rob and Gareth would agree that Kevin’s contributions were instrumental in those achievements.

It is also noteworthy, and not commonly known, that Subiaco (NPL) AFC has generally been one of the highest performing NPL clubs. That is, when you consider an aggregate of all of the eight NLP teams’ positions in their respective ladders, Subiaco (NPL) AFC has been in the top group, and in 2016, often in 2nd highest position. In my opinion, Kevin’s influence has been a significant factor in that performance; an indicator in which the five junior NPL teams has the dominant weight.

Kevin has been offered a position with the FFA in Sydney. Whilst we are disappointed to lose Kevin, we exist to develop our members, and that includes our officials. The offer to Kevin by the FFA is significant, and is recognition of the advancements he has made over the previous four years. We are proud to have played a part in his development. We wish Kevin every success in the next chapter of his life.

Kevin’s last day as Technical Director at Subiaco (NPL) AFC, will be 15 September 2017. That is the same day as the Senior NPL Dinner. Kevin will be there, and we shall be celebrating his achievements on that night. If you haven’t already, please get a ticket and join us when we celebrate, amongst other things, Kevin’s achievements.

Whilst Kevin’s boots are big boots to fill, our new Technical Director will do that comfortably. He has a wealth of experience and is, in my opinion, exceptional in many ways. It gives me great pleasure to announce that Andrew Bettell commences next week as Technical Director at Subiaco (NPL) AFC.

Andrew is a holder of an A Licence coaching qualification, he was a previous employee of Football West and Football Queensland, and a past committee member at Subiaco (NPL) AFC. Andrew has immense experience in football, and understands the game better than almost everyone else I know. Andrew is very skilful at analysing players, assessing their competencies and training needs, and he is very knowledgable about the development of players, and teams generally. Aside from those qualities, and his deep understanding of the football landscape in Australia, he has a genuine intent to ‘give back’ to the community. I have had dealings with Andrew both when he worked at Football West, and when he was a committee member at Subiaco (NPL) AFC, and based on those experiences, I can confidently state that I believe his engagement with Subiaco (NPL) AFC as Technical Director is ideal, and I am very pleased to have him as part of the ‘Subi Team’. I look forward to his guidance of what is shaping up to be an impressive team for the 2018 season.

Mark Cheveralls