Announcement – Re: SGM

The outcome of the special general meeting held on 12 March 2020 is that Subiaco AFC will be one entity moving forward. This was a unanimous decision of the members present.

Subiaco AFC was founded in or about 1909 (111 years ago) and its structure has varied during that period, most recently being three, then two entities. By being one entity in the future, we consider that the members shall benefit from economies of scale, better use of volunteer time, better sponsorship opportunities, improved administration efficiencies and much more.

What changes will occur?

From the perspective of a member/player, not much will change.

  • no material changes will occur to current football operations;
  • all teams will be fielded as planned;
  • all commitments to officials/players will be not be affected;
  • all teams will receive allocation of training areas and playing pitches as in previous years;
  • all Life Members will continue to be Life Members; and
  • there will be a continuing association with JB 6 A-Side.

In essence, you will see little to no change “on the field”. 

The changes will occur “off the field”, providing a better, more streamlined administration, with one management committee.

There will be an amalgamation of the committee members, with Andrea Ahearn, Jennifer Walsh, Alex Keelan and Ian Pham joining with the existing junior club committee members.

Thank you to the departing committee members who have provided high quality, and long term, service to Subiaco AFC.

With NPL (Junior and Women) plus State League 1 (Men) status, and approximately 1,100 players, this new structure enhances Subiaco AFC’s standing in the football community, and positions us as one of the most substantial clubs in Western Australia.