This page contains the frequently asked questions (FAQs), and hopefully the answers (with appropriated references). If you have a query relating to club operation, this is a good place to start.

How are players and spectators expected to behave at Subicao AFC?
The simple answer is professionally and courteously. For more details see the Code of Conduct in the Subiaco NPL FC Policy Manual.

How do I know where and when my team is playing?
Match times, dates and locations must by sourced from the Football West web sites.
For NPL Fixtures/Results click here.
For Seniors (Men & Women) click here.

What is involved in the roles of Coach and Manager?
Read the Subiaco AFC job specifications for Coaches and Managers.

I have been asked to ‘run the line, how can I learn how to be an Assistant Referees (Lines Persons)?
There are some succinct guides to help you learn the basics. Print the Request to Referee-Pre match briefing and give it to he referee, and read the Assistant Referee Signals

Where and when does my team train?
Teams will generally train once or twice a week. Whilst any local resident can visit Rosalie Park at any time, sporting clubs do not have this option available, unless it is pre-approved by the local council. It is very important that coaches operate in accordance with their training session allocation, those details are made available at the commencement of the season.Coaches must never use Rosalie Park outside of their allocation without prior consent from the VP Operations.

I have been given a pitch to train on, where is it?
All pitch labels are available on the Rosalie Park grounds map.

How do I handle a grievance, complaint or appeal?
Clear direction is available, refer to the Subiaco NPL FC Policy Manual and the Subiaco FC – Procedure – Complaints & Appeals.

As a Coach or Manager, where do I get help at Subiaco AFC?
The first point of reference for Senior teams is the Head Coach, and for the Junior Teams, the Technical Director. Their contact details are on the Contacts Page. The management committee members have discrete roles and the following may guide you to the correct person (again, contact details are on the Contacts Page):

For NPL and Mens State League 1 teams

Brad Forbes – Grounds & Equipment – balls, shirts, socks, cones, ladders, nets, flags, pitch marking, equipment room access.

Neil Henderson – training grounds allocations, home match fixtures, Football West contact.

Paul Rycroft – tours.

Rob Mohan – coaching, standards, education, policy.

Mark Cheveralls and Brad Forbes – President and Treasurer – Income and expense.

Registrar – Internal and Football West Registrations, database management.

Secretary – Administration, communication.

Mark Cheveralls – President – General management, web master.

The Head Coach and Technical Director – assistance with any technical difficulties with training.

For Senior (Men & Women)

Neil Henderson – training grounds allocations, home match fixtures, Football West contact.

Rob Clements – General management Womens’ Teams.

Andrea Ahearn – Women’s teams.

Jen Walsh – Women’s teams.

The Subiaco AFC Policy Manual is also a good source of information. This is available on the Policy Page.