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It is with great pleasure that I present you with Subiaco AFC’s NPL U/12-U/16 Player Guide Book. This is the first edition of a book of this kind which has been designed to create a football environment for NPL youth players at Subiaco AFC that is professional, consistent, progressive and conducive to youth football development and growth. In the 2016 edition of Subiaco AFC’s Player Guide Book you will find a section that explains Subiaco AFC’s rich history (page 2); a player profile section for you to fill out (page 3); information about what your Club values and stands for (pages 6-8); a section to set individual and team goals for the season (pages 10-13); detailed information on player roles and responsibilities in the 1-4-3-3 system (pages 14-30); information on how to become a ‘student of the game’ (page 31); and, a self assessment section so that you are able to monitor your own football growth and development throughout the 2016 season (pages 32-39).
In your Player Guide Book, you will also find a section with information on nutrition (pages 40-41), injury prevention (page 42), and injury management (page 43) so that you are able to make better choices about your health and well-being. Suggestions are offered for developing positive pre-match (page 44) and post match (page 45) routines, together with a full compliment of reflection activities (pages 46-73) to complete before and after each and every National Premier Leagues (NPL) and Football West Junior Cup fixtures for the 2016 season.
The final part of this Player Guide Book is made up of additional football exercises for you to consider to extend on the work of your coaches outside of regular NPL training time. All that you need to complete these additional exercises is four cones and a football. Having access to a local park with a full-sized goal is ideal to complete some of these activities but not essential. I have also included exercises for you to consider with a friend, two friends and three friends. Please ensure that you don’t over train so I encourage you to
discuss your additional program with your coach. You will find four activities under the following headings: solo technical (pages 76-81); solo football conditioning (pages 82-85); solo core strength (pages 86-89); pairs technical (pages 90-93); threes technical (94-97); and, fours technical (98-101). A goalkeeper decathlon (pages 102-111) is also included to support the development of goalkeepers during regular NPL training time.
Lastly, I wish to take this opportunity to congratulate you on winning selection to represent Subiaco AFC NPL in season 2016. Representing Subiaco AFC at the highest level of youth football in Western Australia is a privilege that I know you will honour with great pride and distinction throughout the 2016 season. I look forward to monitor your growth and development as a person and football player throughout the season.

Kevin Grima
Technical Director

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